Tips for Selecting The Best Hearing Aids For You

May 26, 2023
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Are you in the market for new hearing aids? If it is your first time, then congratulations are in order! Many people wait on average seven to ten years from the time they suspect they have a hearing loss to act and seek life enhancing treatment. This may be due to stigmas around hearing loss which in the long run are not serving you or the people in your life. However now there is a new challenge: Choosing the hearing aid that is right for you. There are a lot of options around styles and features that can be overwhelming. Let’s discuss the most common styles and features to help you decide which ones might be the perfect fit for you.

Simple Steps

Remember not to get overwhelmed by all the options available for hearing aids. We are here to offer our experience and guide you to find the best option for you. We’ve broken this process into three easy steps to help it not feel like such an enormous choice.

  • Step 1: Compare the available hearing aid styles
  • Step 2: Consider these factors when choosing a hearing aid
  • Step 3: Try your hearing aids out at home

Step 1. Compare the available hearing aid styles

There are a lot of different styles available these days. The ones that are right for you have a lot to do with what you want out of your hearing experience in combination with your degree of hearing loss and price point. We will ask you a series of questions when we test your hearing to get a better sense of what you may want out of your everyday hearing aid use, from health concerns to hobbies. Some people need more power from their hearing aids and ease of use due to dexterity issues, while others may enjoy smaller, lighter and more discreet hearing aids for a clean-cut appearance and active lifestyle. Here are the basic styles of hearing aids:

  • Invisible-in-the- canal: this hearing aid sits deep in the ear canal so no one will even know you are using hearing aids except for you.
  • Completely-in-the-canal: the entire hearing aid fits in the ear canal
  • In-the-canal: custom molded and fits partly in the ear canal for those with moderate hearing loss.
  • Half/Full shell in-the-ear: Custom fit to half or all the shell of your outer ear for all degrees of hearing loss
  • Receiver-in- the-ear: smaller than behind the ear, offering a more portable but powerful listening experience.
  • Behind-the-ear: the popular hearing aid hooks over the top of your ear and rests behind the ear, while a tube connects the hearing aid to a custom earpiece that fits in your ear canal. This is ideal for people of all levels of dexterity and hearing amplification needs.

Step 2. Consider these factors when choosing a hearing aid

When you choose hearing aids, it seems that every one of our patients has a different goal around healthier hearing. Based on your entry interview we can help you choose the best hearing aids for you by considering these factors:

  • Your level of hearing loss: Hearing loss can be more severe or less and this will inform which hearing aid styles and features are right for you.
  • Hearing aid technology: Today’s hearing aids offer more advanced technology than ever before. Don’t get overwhelmed. We are here to listen and take note of what may work best for you. We can offer recommendations such as tinnitus masking, background noise reduction, wind reduction, Bluetooth Connectivity, rechargeable batteries and more.
  • Comfort: You will be wearing your hearing aids every day from the time you wake till the time you rest, so this means they have to be comfortable. We are here to help you find the most comfortable fit with hearing aids.
  • Price and quality: Hearing aids have a wide variety of price points and quality. We believe that an investment in your hearing health is an investment in a higher quality of life. Committing to hearing aids that will support the things you love to do will pay off exponentially with higher earning potential at work and improved satisfaction with every day of your life. However, we are here to find the best balance of function and affordability for you. 

Step 3: Try your hearing aids out at home

Investing in hearing aids is a big step, but rest assured that we can help walk you through the process risk free, to find the best ones just for you. Contact us today to find out more!